JMS Meditape 310

Surgical tape is one of the most commonly and largely used items in hospitals. When you choose a surgical tape a careful attention has to be given because you treat geriatric, pediatric and other patients who are sensitive to skin reactions. And, economic factor is another important consideration, of course.

JMS Medi-Tape 300 series has the right quality at the right cost. Medi-Tape 300 series is the right choice for you and for your patients.

  • Product Description and Specification

  • Features

    • Microporous Hypoallergenic Medical Grade Paper Tape
    • Better adhesion to any part of body.
    • Special bio-compatible polymer adhesive
    • Gentle to the skin
    • Latex-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive patients
    • Highly breathable to maintain skin integrity
    • Holds well on damp skin for secure placement
  • Suggested Application

    • Securing small to medium dressings especially on damp skin
    • Securing lightweight tubing
    • Securing ostomy pouches
    • Taping fragile, at-risk skin
    • When repeated taping is needed
  • Shipping Details

    • Weight: 200 Grams
    • Dimension: 15 X 10 X 6 – In CM

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