JMS Infusion Set

Products for infusion and transfusion therapy include infusion sets used in therapy or examinations, oral/enteral nutrition products, syringes, and needles. Our development strategy focuses on how to best prevent medical accidents and in-hospital infections, which have become increasingly serious issues for medical institutions. Our product line also includes infusion pumps and syringe pumps that are capable of precise injection.

  • Features

    • Non-vented set.
    • Designed to suit fluid replenishmentusing flexible bag, or with an attached air needle for semi-rigid containers or glass bottles.
    • ISO 8536-4 compliant spike
    • Conical design with a graduated shoulder structure allowing

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      for easy closure piercing.

    • ISO 8536-4 compliant drip chamber (15, 19 drops/ml).
    • Soft drip chamber facilitates fluid level adjustment.
    • V-Clamp
    • Accurate and regulated flow control over tim.
    • ISO 594/1 & ISO 594/2 compliant end-connection.
    • Available in luer slip, fixed or free luer lock with cap.
    • Injection site (Y-site, flashbulb or rubber tube)
    • Isoprene (latex free) Injection port.
    • Transparent Hub
    • Easy and quick observation of flash back.
    • Soft Clear Flexible Tubing
    • Medical Grade PVC, kink resistance for smooth fluid transportation (Non-PVC available).
    • 21 G Cein Needle (Optional)
    • Super-thin wall needle for better flow rate with minimal patient discomfort.

    Sterile Pack – ETO (Ethylene Oxide) Sterilization validated according to 550 Standards.

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