JMS Dialysis Machine SDS-50

Hemodialysis machine is a device for pulling blood from a patient into an extracorporeal circuit. The blood is purified by a dialyzer and returned to the patient by the hemodialysis machine.

The newest dialysis machines model Super JMS Moodle SDS-50. This machine is very simple user and at the same time safety and super high accuracy. JMS by SDS-50 model having the latest features and top of the world and the highest level of technology standards, the relevant experts to attract comment, all of your company’s other products, such as the Sagami as a company with sales of products with quality and user friendly.

  • Features & Technical Specs

    • The ability to do dialysis with acetate
    • Hemodialysis bicarbonate solution with the capability to perform
    • Hemodialysis bicarbonate powder with the capability to perform
    • Rated flow (indicates the flow dialysis solution) with adjustable falvi solution between 300 and 600 ml/min and with at least 5 different choice
    • Rated candactiviti supplied with the meters and alarms range capability profile
    • Has a thermometer (represents the temperature of the dialysis solution) and to set degree 9/39 hararat between 34 ° c and with the ability to adjust the range of alarms
    • Has discoverer of blood spill blood detection sensitivity in accordance with the instructions of the international
    • Air in the blood circuit identification system with the sensitivity of the detection of air bubbles the size 70 macroliter and with a Flow rate of 200 ml/min, and the bigger they are
    • Control system for U. F: + 1% precision or about 30gr/hr + and negative pressure system represents T.M.P and UF Profile Na profile +
    • Chemical Sanitizer system
    • Rated thermal disinfection system
    • Planning and control system for disinfection at the time of the future
    • Rated flow rate with low molecular weight heparin pump 0 to 9.9 ml per hour with the ability to use conventional syringes (10-20 and 30 cc) and rated the program Stop program with precision adjustment (1) ml per hour
    • Hybrid system for dialysis
    • Khodazmai system (Self cheek)
    • The capability to perform a single needle dialysis
    • Atopraim system
    • Rated battery save
    • The use of two types of dialysis tubing pump with sgmant interface (non-proprietary) without the need to replace the ghltkha and the system reflects the blood flow is proportional to the diameter of the
    • Profile of sodium and bicarbonate (rated 8 programmable patterns)
    • Automatic measurement system installation-enabled blood pressure and blood pump with 2 function

    Rated one of the following attributes:

    • Touch-screen color LCD functional –
    • Hemodia filtreshn system for online (customer application)
    • BTM and BPM system (customer application)
    • Memory with the ability to maintain a record of the steps do dialysis 7500
    • Low power (RATED 103) than similar models
    • Compact and lightweight compared to similar models
  • Specification

    Dimensions (W x H x L) 850 × 840×1660 MM
    Gross Weight Aprox. 140 Kg
    Power Supply AC220V, 50~60HZ
    Connected Load £2000VA
    Water Supply Pressure Range :0~8.0BAR, Temperature Range:0~35°C
    Venous Pressure Working Range -700~ 800mmhg, Accuracy±10mmhg
    Arterial Pressure Working Range -700~ 800mmhg, Accuracy±10mmhg
    Transmembrane Pressure Working Range -700~ 800mmhg, Accuracy±10mmhg
    Blood Flow Range 0~700ml/Min

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