Dialysis Water Treatment Plant (RO Plant)

Water treatment systems used in dialysis are a critical factor in the overall care received by dialysis patients. They also provide one of the greatest hazards to the patients if they are not functioning properly!

Our RO Plant is efficient, economical reverse osmosis water purification for 100 to 10,000 LPH applications. Hemant Surgical Industries Ltd developed a comprehensive system for RO water treatment system.  Our RO are designed and tested to meet AAMI requirements for product water.

Our Nephro RO Plants are highly superior quality and meet all the international standards and norms, which have highly appreciated by leading nephrologists, our list price are even below with our competitors.

  • Features

    • Quiet stainless steel pump
    • Full-fit thin film RO membranes (USA)
    • Stainless Steel membrane Housing (Imported)
    • Reject water recirculation system
    • Square flow meters for concentrate, Permeate & Reject flow (Imported)
    • Glycerin filled pressure gauges
    • Automatic cut off and restart system
    • UV Unit
    • Pyrogen trap filter (0.2 & 0.1 micron)*
    • High capacity Thin film Composite Membrane.
    • Steel Frames duly pre-treated for rust proofing with powder coated finish.
    • Gauges options at pre and post filter levels.
    • In-built pressure switch for the storage tank.
    • High and low-pressure switch provision

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