Dialysis Chair

Dialysis chair is designed for convenience of the patient during Dialysis or blood donation, or on medical treatment as the chair can be easily adjusted to any mode in sleeping, sitting or inclination position at a touch of a button.

All the movement like back-rest, leg-rest, trendelenburg and up & down position are adjustable by electronic remote control supported by 4 silent DC motors.

Height and inclination angle of the hand rests, head rest, foot support are manually adjustable. The castor wheels on the chair is equipped with individual Swiveling & Wheel brake.

  • Additional Info

    Dialysis requires spending hours in a chair. It is essential that the chair adapts to all body shapes. The Promotal Polycare dialysis chair is designed to provide optimal comfort for the patient. With its 80mm thick foam and numerous accessories including a tilting, retractable reading table, this dialysis chair lets the patient relax in the best possible conditions. With its 3 motors, its fully adjustable armrest and its electric foot rest, the patient can chose the position that suits her.

    Info: As well as providing optimal patient comfort, the electric variable-height Polycare dialysis chair protects you from Musculo-Skeletel disorders (MSD).

  • Features


    • Electric height adjustment
    • Electric independent back-rest adjustment (only 3181)
    • Electric independent leg-rest adjustment
    • (only 3181)
    • Combined seat incline and height adjustment (electric movement for 3181)
    • Combined electric armrest and leg-rest movements (3181)
    • Combined electric leg-rest and backrest movements (3185)
    • Manual footrest adjustment
    • Hand control (with emergency position for 3181)
    • Pair of adjustable polyurethane armrests on ball & socket joint (3185)
    • Set of 4 castors ø 125mm with brakes
    • Steel frame with light grey epoxy finish
    • Upholstery with 80mm thick foam
    • 170kg patient weight capacity (tested at a dynamic weight of 210kg and a static weight of 680kg)


    • Foam thickness 80mm
    • Armrests adjustable in height, depth and with pivoting articulation
    • Each section can be controlled independently
    • 3 electric motors
    • Manual or electric footrest (according to models and as an option for 3185)
    • Combined electric armrest and leg-rest movements
    • Footrest allowing a patient repositioning


    • Adjustable armrests for an easy access from the side
    • Variable height from 55 to 84cm


    • Trendelenburg
    • Set of 4 castors ø 125mm with brakes
    • Patient weight capacity 170kg (dynamic test: 210kg / static test: 680kg)


    • Easy access to all parts
    • Simple structure and easy to clean