Safe-Cath Silicone Folley Catheter

Repeated exposure to latex product can cause hypersensitivity reactions locally and systemically. Why to take life threatening risk using Latex Folley Catheters which is allergic to latex sensitive peoples and may cause even death hypetical shock, when simple economical alternative is available.


Fully safe, No side effects, Biocompatible, avoid frequent replacements and long lasting.

An estimated one in 10 people are allergic to natural rubber latex and those who are allergic may respond with a range of symptoms, from being dermatitis to life threatening anaphylactic shock. There is no cure for latex allergy; except avoidance of latex exposure.

  • Advantages

    • Highly transparent that the characteristics of the urine and the catheter itself can be viewed at a glance.
    • Smooth tapered tip to facilitate easy insertion into urethra.
    • Has large lumen and allows more efficient withdrawal of urine then any latex catheter of comparable outside diameter.
    • Made up of soft clear silicone material that does not stress the urethral mucosa and has excellent water repellence and no adhesiveness qualities. It is slippery when wet.

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