Aero Infusion Pump / Syringe Pump

Aero Infusion Pump

The product is a volumetric infusion pump, features in high safety, easy operation and long life. Flow control with high accuracy and comprehensive alarm measures ensure patient’s safety and optimum therapeutic effect.


  • Flow control with high accuracy ensures optimum therapeutic effect.
  • Be compatible with most standard IV Sets.
  • 3.5” TFT-LCD.
  • Operate with keys.
  • With reminder function for starting infusion.
  • Alarm volume can be adjusted.

Aero Syringe Pump


  • All standard syringes of10ml\20ml\50ml are compatible. The machine diagnoses the Syringe size automatically, and with a simple syringe specification setting, the syringe Pump can guarantee an accurate and safe injection.
  • Double CPU system ensures safe and reliable injection process.
  • Accurate and sensitive pressure sensor detects occlusion pressure accurately.

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