Dialysis chair is designed for the convenience of the patient during Dialysis or blood donation, or on medical treatment as the chair can be easily adjusted to any mode in sleeping, sitting or inclination position at a touch of a button.

All the movement like back-rest, leg-rest, trendelenburg and up & down position are adjustable by electronic remote control supported by 4 silent DC motors.

Height and inclination angle of the hand rests, headrest, foot support are manually adjustable. The castor wheels on the chair are equipped with individual Swiveling & Wheel brake.

  • Specifications

    • Length: 1958 mm
    • Width: 609 mm (inc. armrests 914mm)
    • Maximum Height: 760 mm from ground
    • Minimum Height: 610 mm from ground
    • Backrest motion: Variable
    • Leg motion: Variable
    • Trendelenburg: 12 degree
    • The weight of Chair: 75 Kg.
    • Size of Wheel: 100 mm
    • Power : 230 V input 24VDC Output
    • Permissible Load: 150 kg.

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