JMS Scalp Vein Infusion Set

Products for infusion and transfusion therapy include infusion sets used in therapy or examinations, oral/enteral nutrition products, syringes, and needles. Our development strategy focuses on how to best prevent medical accidents and in-hospital infections, which have become increasingly serious issues for medical institutions.

The company has a track record of importing JMS Range Products from last 25 years and also introduced quality products in India at a competitive price.

The range of JMS products we import are JMS Meditape, JMS Blood Transfusion Set, JMS Scalp Vein Set, JMS Pediatric Infusion Set, JMS Burette Set, JMS I.V Set, I.V Set Pediatric

  • Features

    • Super-thin-wall needle provides larger inner diameter that enables sufficient flow and smooth infusion
    • Perfect geometry of needle profile that is individually siliconized for sharpness and painless venipuncture
    • Unique wing design for easy gripping and fixing on the patient arm. Non-slippage design allows secure and safe venipuncture
    • The optimum softness of luer connectors offers a firm connection with the luer adaptor, three-way stopcock, syringes.. etc
    • Luer lock connector and intermittent configuration available
    • Soft clear Flexible Tubing
    • Medical Grade PVC, kink resistant for smooth infusion
    • Fully automated assembly ensures consistency and reliability of connection
    • Individually blister packed using medical grade paper and plastic firm
    • Internationally accepted colour codes to identify the gauge size

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