JMS Burette Set

The company has a track record of importing JMS Range Products from last 25 years and also introduced quality products in India at a competitive price.

The range of JMS products we import are JMS Meditape, JMS Blood Transfusion Set, JMS Scalp Vein Set, JMS Pediatric Infusion Set, JMS Burette Set, JMS I.V Set, I.V Set Pediatric

  • Features

    • JMS burette set in 100ml, 150ml and 200ml available with end without Auto-Shutoff Float Valve
    • ISO 8536-4 compliant spike
    • ISO 8536-4 compliant drip chamber (60 drops/ml)
    • Large Size V-Clamp
    • ISO 594/1 & ISO 594/2 compliant end-connection
    • Injection site (Y-site, flashbulb or rubber tube)
    • Transparent Hub
    • Soft Clear Flexible Tubing
    • 23G Vein Needle
    • Sterile Pack – ETO sterilization according to EN 550 Standards

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