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Concentrated Haemodialysis Solution B.P.
Bicarbonate Type - Part I
Each 1000 ml contains Available in 10 ltr. jerry can
  Sodium Chloride   I.P.   165.0 gms
  Calcium Chloride   I.P.   8.10 gms
  Potassium Chloride   I.P.   6.0 gms
  Magnesium Chloride   I.P.   3.70 gms
  Acetic Acid (Glacial)   I.P.   9.46 gms
  Purified Water   I.P.   Q.S.
Bicarbonate Type - Part I
Each pack contains Available in plastic pouch
  Sodium Bicarbonate   I.P.   165.0 gms
  Sodium Chloride   I.P.   8.10 gms

To be dissolved in purified water to make 10 ltrs.

Instruction for dilution and use

1 volume of part I to be diluted with 34 volumes of purified water and mixed with 1.83 volumes of reconstituted part II.

Concentration of electrolytes in Haemodialysis Solution ready to use will be as follows
  Na+   136.00
  Ca2+   1.50
  K+   2.20
  Mg2+   0.50
  Cl-   103.00
  CH3COO-   4.50
  HCO3-   35.00
  Unique Combination of R.O. water and high grade raw materials make it the safest concentrate to use.

  Haemodialysis Solution is prepared from purified water using R.O. Technology.
Fresenius 2008H Dialysate Delivery Machine

   SPECIFICATIONS - Fresenius 2008H

Refurbished Fresenius 2008k Dialysate Delivery Machine

   Technical Data Sheet for Fresenius 2008K Hemaodialysis Machine

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