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Aero Oxygen Concentrator
Working Principle
  Supplied by 220V power, made from air as material under normal temperature, adopt high quality molecular sieve with the PSA method to get high-purity oxygen conforming to medicine standard.
Main Material
  Molecular sieve
Technical Data
  Power supply : AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ±1Hz Input Power : < 600VA
  Oxygen Flow : 1~5 L/min Oxygen Concentration : > 93%
` Nebulizing rate : > 0.2ml/min Output pressure : 0.04 Mpa~0.05 Mpa
  Noise : < 52 dB (A)    
Gross wt./Net wt.
  31.8 / 25.8 kg.
Product Character
Imported molecular sieve originally from U.S.A.
  The key component to apart oxygen, its function is to draw oxygen from air sent by compressor.
Intelligent control system with micro-computer pressure-control program
  Set alarm function in case higher or lower pressure than limiitation.
Large LCD Screen showing 8 digitals to calculate time, High oxygen concentration, low noise
  Oxygen concentration is 93%, multiple noise reducer of impedance, noise is lower than 52dB(A).
Automatic alarm system when power off Compressor
  Supply the air source for the whole machine, continual operation life-time is more than 15000 hours without stop.
Flow adjustment
  Adjustable flow and continual oxygen supply, operate it whenever you wish to make oxygen.
Great temperature and environment characteristic
  Could work under the environment 0-40oC, 0-4km higher than altitude, average concentration is higher than 93%.
Great cooling and ventilating system
  Valve : past the test exchanging air for 50 million times.
Absorption tower
  Made by the specialised aluminium material.
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