Home Dialysis Treatment

Hemant Surgical Industries Ltd is specialized in the field of Home Dialysis treatment. The company has a dedicated team of 18 Bio-Medical Engineers across the globe for installation and after-sales services. Following are the Service we provide for Home Dialysis Treatment.


Benefits of Home Dialysis:

Complete Setup of Home Dialysis Treatment No need to Travel to Dialysis Centers Every time
24 X 7 Technical Support No need to wait at Dialysis Center for treatment
Experience Dialysis Technician and Nephrologists consultation can be provided Flexible treatment times that fit your schedule
Basic Training at home to your care partner Personal attention of Dialysis Technician during dialysis treatment
Regular Supply of Dialysis Consumables Personalized Equipment and consumables to avoid  cross-contamination
Flexible payment options available like the outright purchase or Rental setup Spend more quality of time with the family and feel secured
Medical History can be kept private at home

Problems at Dialysis:

  • Treatment days and times are scheduled by the center
  • You must travel to the center at least 3 times weekly
  • Other people are doing dialysis at the same time,   so you have less privacy
  • Loved ones can’t be with you during treatment
  • There may be rules against eating and drinking

How to Start Home Dialysis Treatment:

You need to have the following

Dialysis Machine Bloodline Tubing
Stabilizer 3 KVA AV Fistula
Domestic RO Plant Dialysis Fluid
Dialysis Technician Heparin
Dialysis Consumables On and Off Kit
Dialyzer Citro-H etc.
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